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"Until one has loved an animal, 

a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

~Anatole France

Leilani Farm Sanctuary

"Imagine a world where people live in harmony and peace with all of  Earth's inhabitants."

"Our vision is a world where

animal welfare matters and

animal cruelty has ended."

World Animal Protection

Animals have charmed me all my life. As many of us know, there is a magical attraction to these fellow inhabitants of our earth. My childhood album is filled with pictures of a multitude of furry creatures in my arms, and my love affair with animals continues to this day. From caring for a variety of pets to rescuing woodland critters to volunteering at sanctuaries, I am thrilled by each enchanting connection with an animal. 


Not surprisingly, this animal affinity has popped up in unexpected ways throughout my life. In fact, one year after completing graduate school in New York City, I sidelined my social work career to become a dog walker in Central Park. Who knew work could be so much fun!  


Upon moving to Hawaii in 1993, I re-entered my professional field. It wasn't long though before animals moved back into my life. I found a baby dove, learned how to care for it, and eventually founded Wild Bird Rehab Haven to help our island's orphaned and injured feathered friends. I am grateful for the skills I acquired as a bird rehabilitator. Rescuing animals and saving their lives brings me great happiness.


In 2010 I returned to my favorite work ever. . . dog walking and pet sitting. I love the joy expressed in the wag of a dog's tail while sniffing scents or greeting friends on a walk. I adore cuddling a purring cat in my lap, or watching a shy one finally approach me for a head rub. I enjoy conversations with chatty birds and treasure the gurgles and babbles of their singsong voices.


My passion for animals has evolved into a great concern for their welfare. I applaud and appreciate all the compassionate people and terrific organizations whose mission lies in their well-being.

I have chosen several that I particularly respect to receive a portion of proceeds from Waikiki Wags. Please check out the wonderful work they are doing on their respective websites. And thank you for your interest in mine!




Linda Leveen 


"Every healthy, treatable animal will find a forever home."

IShe feeds cat colonies 

and spays and neuters ferals.





She makes sure that abandoned cats receive needed medical care.


 All funded out of 

her own pocket.

Waikiki Cat Angel

Woof!  Meow! Chirp!

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