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We love and respect all animals and believe they deserve to lead happy, healthy, joyful lives.

Animals Have A Right To...

I'm a Sphynx... and I'm one handsome hunka burnin' love. 


Kissing is my favorite thing!

Be who they are

Cat sitting for the Sphynx is an affectionate, warm, and loving experience.


These lovebirds are social, friendly, and hysterical to bird sit.

Love and be loved

The rewards of dog sitting?  Cuddly lovable bedtime companions!

Did you hear what Tweetie did when

Bogart took up with Rainbow 

and left her sitting on 13 eggs?


For her quarantine visits, Nohea appreciates lots of play time.

Next time can you bring a bigger stick?    ~ at Animal Quarantine Station     Honolulu, Hawaii


Communicate needs

...and be heard

Dog walks can be tiring for a pooch with one shortened leg.
Making quarantine manageable with visits from Waikiki Wags.

The smile says it all...

Gotta rest, I'm pooped!

Get enough exercise

Charlie's favorite pet visits always include swimming!

No, I'm not ready to go. 

I've only been swimming an hour!

Live natural lives in

their native habitat

Be treated with kindness

The affection of ducks is not to be underestimated!

    I'm a snuggler!

Support of our elephants is critical to their survival

I may be small but I'm not letting you near my mother and baby sister. 

~ in Kruger National Park 

South Africa


Be protected

These babies receive shelter, care, and vervet foster mums at the South Africa sanctuary.


Orphaned baby birds are raised for eventual release to the wild at Wild Bird Rehab Haven in Honolulu.

     When I grow up,  I'm gonna be an eagle.

Our mums were killed.  We were  scared.  We found shelter here.   ~ at Vervet Monkey Foundation, Tzaneen, South Africa

Be valued as sentient beings

This eager boxer is ready for his daily dog walk in Waikiki.

I feel what you feel.

Feel safe

Overnight pet sitting is a treat with this little sweetie!

The sweet bliss of sleep

Enjoy the paws of friendship

Overnight pet sits with these two doggies require an equal amount of attention to both.

He's my best friend. 

She's my worse nightmare.

Live a life of dignity

Feel content

Just petting, play, and a good head rub during my daily visit.

Oh yeah, that's the spot!

Fully express themselves

Exercise is what dog walks are all about!

Of course I run in circles--

I'm a herder!

The Asian Elephant is highly endangered. Find out how to help.

No more bull hooks, riders, begging, or painting. 

Here I am at peace.  

~ at Elephant Nature Park 

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Eat healthy foods

Bird sitting includes healthy doses of food and attention.

Oh, was this YOUR salad?


Pet sitting provides hours of amiable companionship for the dog and pet sitter alike.

When Linda stays over, we're best buds!


The largest animal shelter in Europe is located in Berlin, Germany.

The sun, the pond, the grass...

it's a wonderful life.

~at Europe's largest animal shelter, in Berlin


Gentle hands make me feel calm.  

~ at Vervet Monkey Foundation 

Tzaneen, South Africa


Mahalo to my clients for graciously allowing pictures of their pets to represent these values that are so important to me.




Woof!  Meow! Chirp!

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