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Testimonies from our 2- and 4-legged clients on their dog walks, cat sits, and overnight pet sits with the stellar animal lovers
at Waikiki Wags

Mahalo to everyone for photo permissions and comments.  We are so lucky to have you in the Waikiki Wags family!

We have a lot to say, oh yes we do!
Dog Care: Cecil

"Hi, I'm Cecil. My mom says I love everybody, and she's right! I try to be a happiness ambassador. When Tracy comes to play with me, I smile the whole time!" ~ Cecil (photo courtesy of Isabella Steward)

Cat Sitting: Silly

"I'm usually shy around strangers, but Carl and Tracy are so sweet, now I come out to say hello." ~ Silly

Dog Walking: Charlie and Izzy

"When our humans are working, Julie comes to our house. We get so excited when we see her because we know we are going to go for a walk and get to see and smell everything on the way." ~ Charlie and Izzy "Waikiki Wags is awesome! They walk both our dogs two days a week so we don't have to rush home. Our dogs love them!" ~ Earlynne

Dog Walking: Chuckie

"I try to be as cool as my pals, James and Ben. I'm so glad my mom lets me walk with one of them every day." ~ Chuckie "James and Ben are such wonderful people!! Chuckie enjoys seeing them every time!" ~ Junko

Cat Sitting: Varodya

"Thank you, Linda, Terry, and Ann, for keeping me and my brother company when mom is away." ~ Varodya "I am grateful for the time you used your good judgment to take Varodya to the vet when he had a urinary infection. Your independent thinking saved his life." ~ Varodya's mom

Host Family Boarding: Quatchi

"Snuggling with Linda and Savanna is the best part of my vacation with them!" ~ Quatchi

Dog Boarding: Bentley

"Ben & Julie have the most comfortable bed! I loved staying with them!" ~ Bentley "I can't say enough good things about Julie & Ben. They're so kind and treated Bentley with TLC. They really made him feel loved while I was away. I highly recommend them to care for your fur baby!" ~ Laurie

Dog Walking: Sadie

"I am so lucky that my mom found such wonderful people to take me for walks and give extra love while she is at work. Paul, Ann, Colleen, and Linda are my angels." ~ Lots of love ❤️ Sadie "Thanks for taking great care of Sadie. I'm grateful for all of you – you always put my mind at ease.” - Teri

Cat Sitting: Figgy and Boo

"We like to do our cat model poses when Julie or Terry stays with us." ~ Figgy and Boo

Bird Sitting: Einie

"I love my Auntie Linda so much, she spoils me and loves me up. When she leaves, I wait by the door for a couple of hours, hoping she will return to pamper me. I'm so glad when my mom and dad go on vacation because I know Auntie Linda will show up to stay with me again (don't tell mom and dad!!)" ~ Einstein (aka Einie)

Dog Walker: James

"James and Ben are gentle and caring with me. They make sure I feel safe when they take me out walking." ~ Sadie C (with James)

Overnight Pet Sitting: Pepper

"I like to lounge and look pretty, but mostly I just love to hang out with my friend Kim when she stays overnight with me." ~ Pepper

Rudy and Roxie Campbell_edited

"Linda and Terry and Julie & Ben keep us company when mom is gone. They sleep over and give us our special food and treat us to lots of love." ~ Rudy and Roxie

Cat Sitting: Psycho

"Life is good with Waikiki Wags! Me and my sisters get to stay in our comfy home and get lots of attention." ~ Psycho "Without your services, we would not be able to travel with the peace of mind that you folks are taking good care of all our animals, fish included!" ~ Joanne and Steve

Dog Walking: Marlo and Kaya

"We have great fun when we go on walks with Julie and Linda." ~ Marlo and Kaya

Dog Walking: Bobby

Erin and Bobby

Dog Walking and Boarding: Little

"I'm in love with Erin & Ben & Julie & Linda!" ~ Little "They spoil her rotten with love and attention and exercise. I've never seen her so happy as in the pictures they send me from their walks. I would highly recommend Waikiki Wags to anyone! ~ Amy

Dog Walking: Scooter

"I'm a flirty little boy, I must admit. I love going out with my girls Terry, Sue, and Linda!" ~ Scooter (with Terry)

Pet Sitting: Buddy, Sassy, Camille

"The Byrns family dogs can't wait for their walks with Waikiki Wags!" ~ Bill and Chika, Buddy, Sassy, Camille, and (not pictured) Chibi

Pet Sitting: Honu and Nai'a

"We love having our friends Linda and Terry and Julie & Ben stay with us when mom is gone." ~ Honu and Nai'a

Dog Walking: Tesla

"Thank you for taking me out when mom is at work!" ~ Tesla "I am so very thankful to Linda and Sue who take such good care of my boy while my husband is deployed and I have to work. Tesla is always ecstatic whenever he sees them which tells me how well taken care of he is in their hands. They are always going the extra mile to accommodate our needs which shows just how much they care!" ~ Katerina

Cat Sit: Kukurunfa

"Julie and Linda know I'm kind of shy. When they play with me it makes me more comfortable." ~ Koo

Dog Walking: Chuckie and Sadie

Ben with Chuckie & Sadie

Dog Walking and Boarding: Kai

"It's so fun coming to the park with Ben." ~ Kai "Kai stayed with Ben and Julia when our daughter was born and it gave us great peace of mind that he was so well cared for. Kai loves when Ben comes to walk him. This is an outstanding pet care service and Kai has been so content." ~ Leah and family

Pet sitting: Koko and Kaia

"We love it when our mom and dad take a trip because then we get to see our favorite aunties, Julie and Ann." ~ Koko and Kaia

Cat sit: Claudia

"Where is my Julie? I had the best time with her!" ~ Claudia [RIP] "Claudia never had it so good! Julie did a great job taking care of Clauds, plants, house, mail, etc!” ~ Claudia's mom

Dog Walking: Dino and Kiki

"We appreciate Julie and Ben for taking us out walking when mom is working." ~ Dino and Kiki

Cat Sitting: Sheba

"I love Waikiki Wags! Julie and Ben take care of all my needs and shower me with love while mom and dad are away." ~ Sheba [RIP]

Dog Walker: Linda

Linda and Duchess [RIP]

Pet Sitting: Ernie

"Linda takes me on fun outings. We're besties." ~ Ernie "Linda came to our rescue to housesit for Ernie during a two week trip to Asia. It took only two days for Ernie and Linda to become best friends. She sent us pictures daily and we were reassured that he was being well cared for. Thanks, Linda and Waikiki Wags." ~ Ron and Mune

Dog Walking: Gigi

"Walking with Julie is my favorite part of the day!" ~ Gigi

Birdsitting: Stand-ins (photo shy)

"We're camera shy." ~ Birdies "We love the pet care services provided by you and your associates and appreciate the wonderful attention you give to our birds while we're away." ~ Ken and Pat

Dog Walking: Tiki

"I love going for long walks with Linda." ~ Tiki "We highly recommend Linda to anyone! She is patient, loving and flexible - she's always available for us last minute. We have been using Linda as our dog walker since our Tiki was a puppy. Tiki is very high energy and can be a little stubborn but Linda is so great with her, she gets all the personal attention she needs. What a comfort to know our furbaby is in the best care." ~ Jessica & Becky

Elvis and Julie

"I feel safe when auntie and uncle stay with me." ~ Elvis "Thank you to Julie & Ben for taking such wonderful care of Elvis. He is looking for you! It seems like we were never gone....he seems very happy." ~ Elvis's mom

Pet Sit: Momi

"Linda brings me to the beach when she stays with me. I love running on the beach and I love Linda and Terry too!" ~ Momi

Cat Sitting: Rimpie, Bassai, Fanchi

"Mom loves the pictures Julie and Linda send of us when she is away." ~ Rimpie, BassaiDai, and Fanchi "Linda and Julie are awesome, caring, and very communicative with me. And the best part is, when I return home the cats seem very relaxed and not so desperate for attention because of the exceptional care." ~ Linda A.

Dog sitting: Koko

Julie and Koko

Cat Sitting: Eddie

"I like to surprise my Waikiki Wags friends with a new hairdo once in a while." ~ Eddie

Dog Walk: Izzy

"That was a great walk. Now I'm ready for a nap." ~ Izzy

Dog Sitting: Carly and Amber

"We love our friends at Waikiki Wags - we get so many cuddles and tummy rubs when our family is away!” ~ Carly and Amber [RIP]

Dog Walking: Gina

"When Julie walks me, I get so excited my ears fly up and down!" ~ Gina "We wouldn't leave our doggies in the care of anyone but Waikiki Wags! Linda and her staff are absolute angels. Knowing our girls will be left in their care while we travel gives us priceless peace of mind. We have relied upon them many times over the years and give them an enthusiastic paws up always!!" ~ Gina's mom

Dog Walking: Izumo

"Ben and James and Terry take me walking and do sleepovers sometimes. They're my good friends." ~ Izumo "Waikiki Wags has been providing me a great service for the past few years. All walkers are animal lovers, compassionate and responsible. I am so happy with the service that I have been receiving and very thankful to all of them. Thank you, Waikiki Wags!!!" ~ Hikaru

Dog Boarding: Sukoshi

"Sleepovers with Ben and Julie are so much fun!" ~ Sukoshi "Mahalo to Julie and Ben. I never worried about Sukoshi for a moment and deeply appreciate your wonderful service." ~ Joyce

Cat Sit: Button

"Thank you for brushing me, Aunty Linda. It makes me purrfectly happy!" ~ Button

Pet Sitting: Honu

"Especially when you’re blind, it’s nice to have the comforts of home when your mom is out of town!" ~ Honu

Woof!  Meow! Chirp!

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