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Be Vegan...
For the Animals

"The kind treatment of animals should be  among the highest aspirations of humankind." 

I am vegan because I don't support cruelty to

ANY animal.

Pigs nurture their babies, demonstrate the intelligence of a 3 yr old human, play exuberantly, and love to snuggle next to each other. Why are they eaten and not dogs or cats?

Top Ten Reasons Not to Eat Pigs

Kama the Happy Hawaiian Pig lives on Maui. Check out her Facebook page and her hilarious adventures with her cat, tortoise, and bunny brothers and sisters: 

Chickens cluck to their babies while still in the egg, love to play, and can remember more than 100 faces. If you want a cuddly pet, rescue a chicken!

Top Ten Reasons Not to Eat Chickens

Chickie was found by a friendly cat in Honolulu and raised until he started crowing in his Waikiki apartment.  He is now a happy rooster ambassador at Leilani Farm Sanctuary on Maui:

Woof!  Meow! Chirp!

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